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North East Corfu
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    Greek Cuisine

    Greek Cuisine is the mother of Mediterranean cooking.

    The terrain and climate of Greece allow for a wide diversity of ingredients and the staples of a Greek diet are the same as they have been for centuries: the olive and its oil, grains, beans, fresh fish, figs, grapes, greens, herbs, wine and cheese. At the White House Restaurant, we combine these age-old, natural ingredients to create aromatic dishes that will delight all your senses.


    The White House Holiday Experience is defined by salt, sea and good food as much as it is by history, heart warming hospitality and the island of Corfu. Imagine yourself basking in the sunlight at our Restaurant, listening to the Ionian Sea splashing at your feet whilst you awaken your sense of taste with our seafood delicacies, fresh vegetables and chilled local wine.

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