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For the first time ever, The White House welcomes guests like once the Durrells.
Price: 2,00€
Duration: 1hr
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How exactly is that view Lawrence Durrell describes in his book Division upon Greek Ground? Where did the authors sit when writing? How did their kitchen look? How their sleeping room? How the stairs down to the secluded bay of Kalami?

For the first time the house will be open on exclusive days for one hour as something like a Durrell museum. And you can have all the Durrells’ life right in front of you.

You are allowed to take photos, sit down on the chairs and sofas that once provided the Durrells with a rest, and of course you can buy some souvenirs at the souvenir shop that will remind you on your visit and the house’s unique atmosphere and history. At the shop, you can also get a stamp for your favourite Durrell book that says that you were here – at their former home, The White House.

For groups of more than 10 people, you are welcome to ask for a guided visit. Also, we recommmend to make a reservation to make the most of the visit for you.

Opening Days

Time 12:00-13:00


Tickets are available in the office and at The White House restaurant.

Entrance Fee - 2,00€

The entrance fee at 100% is donated to the local organization taking care of the nature around Kalami and keeping the Durrell Trail in perfect walking condition.

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