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Северо-восточный Корфу
П.и. 49100
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    The White House History

    Our Story

    The White House in Kalami is best known as the former residence of British author, Lawrence Durrell. Lawrence lived here in the 1930’s with his wife, Nancy. Their Kalami home was regularly visited by his family including a young Gerald Durrell, who later became a leading conservationist and popular author. The White House has been owned by the Atheneos family for generations and we are proud of our close personal relationship with the Durrell family history. Our family will look after you too, on your own memorable holiday experience, when you visit The White House, just as we looked after Lawrence and Nancy. Find out much more about the unique history of the iconic White House by visiting our fascinating White House Digital Museum. Discover Corfiot history, explore the Durrell connection and learn about the Atheneos family who have lived and worked here for five generations.