A family as rich in characters as Corfu

They are most probably the most famous family of the island. The Durrells. They found their paradise here on Corfu, made friends with the locals, found inspiration, dedication and a splendid life surrounded by the nature and hospitality of Corfu. And they told the world about it. Foremost all, the brothers Gerald and Lawrence in their renowned books My family and Other Animals and Prospero’s Cell.

The three houses occupied by the Durrells are still private homes. Only The White House is open to the public – essentially the same as it was 60 years ago. Here you can some days still hear the laughter of Nancy and Lawrence Durrell enjoying their morning bath in the deep blue sea.

A fact, that also draw on the crew of the British blockbuster TV series The Durrells of Corfu. They chose The White House as location for plenty of scenes, had countless dinners at The White House restaurant and became friends of the house and the family. And not least dedicated fans of the beauty and the people of Corfu.

Live like the Durrell family

Winter Stays at the Durrells The White House Villa

The home that has been of so much inspiration toho Lawrence Durrell can be your inspiration and place to stay.

FROM 100€/Night
Visit the Durrells Exclusive Open House Hours

For the first time, in 2018 we open The White House from time to time for some hours as a Durrell museum.

Walk like Durrell The Durrell Trail

Follow the steps of Gerald Durrell and join us on a trail that leads you through the nature that was his initial source for his life as writer and zoologist.

4:40 12,6 km
4 Courses Menu Dine like Durrell

Many of The White House dishes were particular favourites of the Durrells – and thereby preserve our link with the rich history of the area every time we serve them.

There is so much more to tell and experience about the Durrells on Corfu. And these are not only for those who are familiar with the family or the TV series or the books of both Gerald and Lawrence Durrell! It's just that the view of this family on Corfu still today is of brilliant inspiration to discover the island with different eyes and ideas. Our blog is a great source for this. Enjoy!

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