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    The Durrells

    Discover Corfu, using the Durrells as an inspiration, see Corfu through their eyes and follow in their footsteps.

    Our blog is a great resource for supporting you on your very own Durrell journey. Enjoy!

    A family as rich in characters as Corfu itself!

    To many people, they are the most famous family associated with the island of Corfu,  the Durrells, of course!

    In the 4 short years they were here, they found paradise on this Ionian island. The family made friends with the locals, found literary inspiration and lived a splendid life surrounded by the nature and hospitality of Corfu. Then brothers, Gerald and Lawrence, went on to tell the world about this island idyll. Gerald published the hugely popular, My family and Other Animals to help fund his conservation projects, while Lawrence wrote the literary gem, Prospero’s Cell based on his time on the island.

    The three other houses occupied by the Durrell family in the 1930’s are now private homes. Only The White House, the former home of Lawrence and his wife, Nancy, is open to the public.  The White House is special in that it is little changed and is instantly recognisable as the solid, square house “…set like a dice on a rock already venerable with the scars of wind and water.” It is here where Lawrence and Nancy lived and loved. It is where the other members of the family came to visit, to swim and to sit on the rocks in peaceful Kalami Bay.

    The uniqueness of this building also drew in the crew of the 1987 British TV series “My Family and Other Animals”. They chose The White House as location for many of the scenes, had countless dinners at The White House restaurant. They became friends of the house and the family, as well as, dedicated fans of the beautiful landscape and the people of Corfu.

    Now, following on from the hugely successful series, “The Durrells”, The White House is, once again, centre of attention for its link to this eccentric and endearing literary family.

    Live like the Durrell Family

    Winter stays at the Durrells The White House Villa

    The home that gave so much inspiration to Lawrence Durrell can be your inspiration when you stay here.

    Visit the Durrells Exclusive open house hours

    We are now opening The White House on certain exclusive dates so you can come inside see Durrell memorabilia, walk through the rooms lived in by Lawrence Durrell and enjoy the very same views the Durrell family enjoyed on their visits to the White House.

    1 hour


    Walk like a Durrell The Durrell Trail

    Follow in the steps of Gerald Durrell and his family by joining us on a trail that leads you through the natural environment that was a lifelong inspiration for Gerald and his later life as writer and conservationist.


    8 miles

    1.500 feet asc/desc