Visit Corfu for Easter – and you’ll never forget it

26 Feb, 2018

Visit Corfu for Easter – and you’ll never forget it

This Easter is smashing! Literally.

It’s the early morning of Easter Saturday. Some time around 8 o’clock. While on a normal Saturday, neither the Corfiots nor most of the island’s guests would have finished their breakfast at this time, today everything is different. A lot. The roads leading towards Corfu town are jammed, the local busses are packed with both locals and tourist, who is lucky and owns a boat, is heading towards the old port from the sea. Four cruise ships have anchored along the docks already yesterday. In the end it will be ten thousands that gather around Platia and Liston and in the old town’s pitouresque alleys near-by.

All of them: waiting. And keeping their ears wide open to not miss the crucial signal – the chimes of the churches at 11 am! The bell’s sound is the signal for every man, woman, and child to throw pottery of all sizes from their windows and onto the streets. The spectators applaud this spectacle with loud “Bravo!” shout-outs in languages from Greek to German to English to Russian to Chinese and Spanish and French. This is a truly worldwide famous event – spectacular, thought-provoking and joyous.

Corfu’s pot‑flinging party

All Greeks love a festival, but this pot-throwing party in Corfu tops the lot.

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The custom derived from the Venetians, who on New Year’s Day, would throw their old things from the windows in the hopes of receiving new ones for the next year. The Corfiots adopted the tradition, applying it to the most important day in their calendar, the Greek Easter.

Somewhere along the way, old things have been replaced by pots and jugs of water – which make even louder noise! And are so much fun to watch falling and shattering. The flinders are a much sought-after souvenir not only for tourists.

So it’s not without reason that hotels on Corfu are booked out a long time ahead of Easter every year. Especially those, who are close to the “happening” and those who offer their guests the possibility to go to town by boat on Saturday morning.

Likewise does The White House in Kalami since this year – and with that revives the custom of the Durrells who loved traditional events like Easter and had their friend Spiros shuttle them to the foot of the old fortress with his fisher boat.


The Durrells dressed up for Easter

For this year’s Easter, The White House unfortunately is already booked. So, whoever wants to experience this unique days – whip out your calendars for 2019. April, 27th will be “Μεγάλο Σάββατο”, the big Saturday.

More about the Corfiot customs in the Holy Week, you find here.