Kalami Bay
North East Corfu
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    1934 - 1936

    The 1930's were unsettled times in Europe In Germany in 1934, Adolph Hitler became führer and the world peace begins to feel threatened again. Europe waits with bated breath for the next move.

    Tassos Atheneos

    Meanwhile, in the quiet hamlet of Kalami, Tassos Atheneos marries Eleni and they begin raising a young family in the White House. A few more houses are now built around the bay and Tassos works as a carpenter, repairing boats and also fishing. Life continues at the same pace for most Corfiotes, including the Atheneos family Tassos would have fished from a small wooden boat, at night, using a carbide lamp to attract the fish. Another main catch was octopus. The octopus too, were attracted by the lights, and then were speared with a trident. This is a method that is still used today.


    In Bournemouth in England, the Durrells are unsettled and missing the charms of living in the warmer, more exotic climes of India. Lawrence, now in his 20’s, aspires to be a writer. He marries Nancy Myers, an artist, in 1935 and his first book, Panic Spring is published. As the oldest son, Lawrence is also feeling responsible for his mother and family, and is desperate to escape the drabness of “Pudding Island” as he calls England. Inspired by letters from a friend, telling him of the wonders of Corfu, Lawrence and Nancy decide to move to the island. Louisa and the rest of the family follow them. In 1936, the Durrells arrive in Corfu at the old port and take a carriage into the town via the Liston. The family settle in Perama, south of Corfu Town. They meet Spiros, the taxi driver and Theodore Stephanides – both these men have a great influence on the family. The family are enchanted by Corfu, its customs and architecture: “Gradually, the magic of the island settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen. Each day had a tranquillity, a timelessness, about it, so that you wished it would never end.” Gerald Durrell, My Family And Other Animals.